Getting started with TDC Wireless

PLEASE NOTE: This guide requires that you have connected your TDC equipment and already have a connection to the Internet via a cable connected directly to the TDC router.

In order to get your wireless network to work, you need to know the name of your wireless network (the SSID) and your network key (also known as a security key, on Mac-computers known as a password).

These settings are not sent directly to you. You need to look up the information yourself.

In order to look up the information, you need a working internet connection via your TDC equipment. This can be achieved with a network cable directly between your computer and your TDC router.

Hjælp til oprettelse af ny bruger til TDC Trådløs på https://tts.tdc.dk


  • On this page, you are asked to enter an e-mail address (and repeat it in the text box below). The e-mail does not need to be associated with TDC.


you enter an e-mail: You will get an e-mail equivalent to the screenshot below:

tts, uk, password

Select the password right after the word “adgangskode” (which means password) and copy. This will be a six digit code.

Click on the link!

Hjælp til at oprette brugere til funktionen TDC trådløs på tts.tdc.dk

Setting up TDC Wireless

  • Enter your password you were provided via e-mail and press the “Log ind” button. You are now logged in to TDC Wireless and you will see a screen like the one below:

tts uk dataudstyr

On this page, you can see:

  • your network name (SSID)
  • whether your network is broadcasting (“ja” for yes, “nej” for no)
  • the frequency area of your network (between 1 and 12 or auto)
  • your network key

Furthermore, you have the option to copy your network key to your clipboard.

For information about editing the settings on your wireless network, please click here

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