Editing the settings on your wireless network

This guide requires that you have already created your access to https://tts.tdc.dk and you are able to log in. If you do not have your access to tts.tdc.dk yet, please see the guide Getting started with TDC Wireless

  • Log on to https://tts.tdc.dk. You should now see a picture like the one below
  • If you have access to change the settings on your wireless network, the button “Redigér internet opsætning” (“Edit your Internet settings”) should be available

tts, 03, erhverv, aneng

If you have a Business HomeBox, you will have two available buttons; "Rediger opsætning" (edit settings) and "Rediger Internet opsætning" (edit internet settings)

tts rediger front med adgang

If "Redigér Internet opsætning" is not clickable (or even available) you do not have the necessary access. Please contact the IT manager in your company. If you yourself is responsible for your IT solution, please contact TDC Sales. If you have a Business HomeBox, you will still have the option to change your wireless channel. See the paragraph below.

Editing Internet setup on your Business HomeBox

On your HomeBox, you have two sets of information to edit. The button "Redigér opsætning" will show an equivalent of the picture below.

tts rediger uden adgang


  • "Kanal" (channel) allows you to change which channel your wireless network is sent on.
  • ("Tillad kun trådløs 802.11N" will allow you to force your wireless signal to be 802.11N encrypted. If you want to only allow 802.11N (and know what it is), you can set the value to "Ja" (yes)).
  • Click "Gem rettelser" (save changes) when you are satisfied with your changes
  • If the button "Redigér internet opsætning" is available, you can click it for the screen below

tts rediger med adgang

  • You can change your Network name (SSID) by the 1) marker
  • You can change your network key by the 2) marker
  • When satisfied, click "Gem rettelser" (Save changes) to continue
  • "Broadcast netværksnavn (SSID)" means Broadcast network name. You can change this to "Nej" (no) if you do not want your network name to be published
  • "Krypteringsform" means Type of Encryption. Here you can change your wanted type of encryption

Editing Internet Setup on other TDC Business routers

Clicking “Redigér internet opsætning” will display a screen equivalent to the screenshot below:

  • tts03, erhverv, hjælp

On this page, you have the option to change:

  1. Your network name (text box after “Netværksnavn (SSID)”)
  2. Whether your network SSID broadcasts (Select “Ja” for yes, “Nej” for no)
  3. The frequency range for your network signal (select box after “Kanal”)
  4. The type of your encryption (select box after “Krypteringsform”)
  5. What your network key should be (last text box)
    Please note that your network key needs to be 8-63 chars long and cannot include other symbols than large letters, small letters, numbers and the symbols “-“ and “_”

When satisfied with your changes please press “Gem rettelser” (“save changes”) and wait for a confirmation screen to be displayed. After the display of this screen you need to turn off your TDC router and turn it back on.

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